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About Rebecca Emily Cooper

Being an artist has always been my first love. When I created my first realism portrait as a gift to a grieving mother, the mother of my best-friend who had committed suicide when I was in high-school, I knew what I wanted to do as an artist. I wanted to bring visual comfort to those who need to see their loved ones, and to preserve a positive memory to hold forever.

With my experience living with a mental illness, being a mental health advocate is of great importance to me, and a driving force behind my career as an artist. In 2018 I began my children's book series, Be Kind Books. Be Kind Books lead character 'Little One' represents who we all can be, and that is a friend to everyone. My book series teaches empathy to children as a means to create a strong emotional intelligence. Little One will help children learn about their emotions, and understand differences in others.

In 2019 I decided to take the leap of faith in pursuing my career as an artist full-time. I desire with all my heart to reach those in need of comfort with my realism work. I am passionate about spreading awareness about mental health and I dedicate a great deal of my time in educating the world about it, and reaching out to those who need comfort in being understood. I plan to create several books to add to my series for Be Kind Books that will address various mental health concerns, and issues that children face today that carry a stigma. My hope is that children will learn to embrace each other more and help build a future where those stigmas are no longer an issue. Be Kind Books will be a driving force for good in the world in building a bridge of love and understanding for one another's differences.

How your contribution will help me is support my efforts in creating art to comfort others, but also to help fund Be Kind Books. Be Kind Books is still in it's infancy and has needed more time than anticipated to release the first book and get it into the hands of parent's and teachers. My dream is that all kids will know who Little One is and make her their 'safe friend' to hold on to. I want to create a safe group for parents to support one another, and bring in expert professionals to meet with parents to help better understand the trials and struggles our children face today with mental illness and bullying at school, and how we can best help them. So, your contribution to my art career will help all of that and more happen. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and promise that your money will be put to good and honest use in making all of this happen. Thank you for helping me help others.
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