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Rebekah L. Fraser

Creating community, coaching, and inspiration for creatives

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Every creative journey starts with PERMISSION. Permission gives you:

  • Automatic membership to The Creativity Rx, my weekly newsletter with tips and prompts to help you enhance your creative life.

  • One 30-minute mini-coaching session

  • One 3-minute mind movie to spark your creativity, plus

  • Acknowledgement in every book I publish while you're a patron.


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When you give yourself the TIME to create, you get:

  • all the perks in the Permission tier, plus

  • access to one weekly multi-media salon


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Creative self-expression is MEDICINE that gives you access to:

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  • bi-weekly group coaching, and

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About Rebekah L. Fraser

Hi! I’m Rebekah.
I write fiction, make music and visual art, and offer creativity coaching and writing classes from my home-base in Connecticut, U.S. 
I genuinely love to help people create the change that they’re seeking in their life, so they can really thrive.
The creative life is super rewarding, but it isn’t always easy.
Everyone I know is juggling responsibilities. And it’s not like society says, “Please – let that ball drop. Go work on your masterpiece.“
It’s a bold move to say, even to yourself, “I need this to feel whole.“
And while it may sometimes feel like you create in a vacuum, you don’t. We’re all products of our environment, and when the environment doesn’t support creativity, it can feel lonely and uninspiring.
But in twenty years of writing and making art, I’ve discovered the secret to getting inspired daily.

After a career in journalism, I started writing fiction. I have published four novels and one nonfiction book. I’m currently working on a book about creativity, while continuing to write glacier-melting romances using the pen name Tara L. Roí.  In spare moments, I produce songs, paint, and make fashion from trash. I sell my artwork internationally, and my trash fashion jewelry has sold in boutiques and galleries.
My creativity coaching process is holistic and intuitive. To learn more visit

As a natural born mentor, I love building supportive environments for people to explore and enhance their creativity. In 2017, I ran a private mastermind group for female artists. In 2018, I started a local event that supported authors. Since the pandemic, I’ve been missing these communities and thinking about how to create a supportive community without borders. I can do this on Patreon, while nourishing myself, instead of depleting my resources.

My big, scary, unreasonable goal is to produce a supportive online community for you and anyone else who wants to explore their creativity.

Are you tired of creating in isolation? Weekly online Multi-Media Salons begin August 26, 2022! I’ll start each session with a brief guided meditation to help you get into the creative mindset. And we’ll do quick check-ins at the start and end of each salon.

Bi-weekly Group Coaching on Zoom gives you support in your creative journey from me and, if you choose, from others in the group.

I’m super excited about the LIT CHAT Livestreams. Lit Chat is an online event where authors read their work in front of a live audience and hear immediate feedback in a chat facilitated by me. This is the expansion of an event I ran in New Haven, CT for 2 years. And it’s a lot of fun.

I'm offering 6 Tiers of Membershippermission, time, medicine, mentoring, inspiration, and freedom. (For specific details, see the colorful banners.)

At the permission tier, you get
  • The Creativity Rx Newsletter: a weekly infusion of tips and prompts to inspire you, whether you're working in the arts, writing or applying your creativity in other parts of your life
  • 30- minute mini-coaching on zoom
  • 3-minute creativity Mind Movie

Multi-media salons
are available to all members at or above the time tier.

With 4+ members at the medicine tier, I’ll begin bi-weekly group coaching sessions.

I can’t wait to get Lit Chat started but it requires a lot of coordination, so that will happen when monthly memberships reach $810.
When you join at the medicine level you get VIP access to Lit Chat.
When you join at the mentoring, inspiration or freedom tiers, you can submit your work and read at the event.

The mentoring, inspiration, and freedom tiers also give you access to:
  • Individual creativity coaching or writing instruction (your choice) on Zoom with a recording of each session
  • Seduce the Muse, the creativity book I'm publishing in 2023
And at the freedom level, you get:
  • a 3-to-5 minute personalized Mind Movie 
  • a 5-to-10 minute Personalized Guided Audio Meditation
My goal is to help you thrive, whoever you are, whatever your background.
I put great time and effort into producing media to nourish you. Your membership helps me nourish myself as well.

Thank you!

$142 of $369 per month
Group Support
With $356 in monthly subscriptions (including 4 MEDICINE TIER members), I'll start bi-weekly Group Coaching sessions for every member of the MEDICINE TIER.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts

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