Rebis is creating COMICS AND ARTS(18+)

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Dungeon Adventurers!
Welcome to the Dungeon!
As a new adventurer, your mission is to seek the secrets of my works.
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$5 /mo
Paragon Adventurers!
As a legendary adventurer, delve deep into the Dungeon to find the treasures within!
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Denizens of the Dungeon!
Oh? So you are not an adventurer, but a denizen of this vast Dungeon?
Well then, you must be a Black Knight, or an Orc, or a Succubus. Who you are ...

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Wizards of the Dungeon!
Do you seek the arcane arts from me? If so, I welcome you as a wizard of my Dungeon!
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Dragons of the Dungeon!
Ah, so you are the rumored mighty dragon! Such a huge treasure hoard you have there!
Such wealth! Such magnificence! A creature of the Ancients!

$250 /mo
Treasure Hoard of the Dungeon!
You can grab arcane treasures from mighty wizard Rebis' treasure hoard!
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