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About Reclaiming the Witch

I'm Awen Rune (you probably know me as Whitney Gossard). Welcome to Reclaiming the Witch-a sacred space for women to re-member who they truly are and start living in alignment with their inherent potential. I am passionate about helping others find and embrace their cosmic ability. I facilitate in alchemizing the mundane into power, cultivating magickal intentions through divine process, realigning with your highest self, uncovering your divine essence, fostering personal power and helping women reclaim their wild and sacred nature.

I believe authenticity and transparency is a catalyst to creating a narrative around healing, embracing all aspects (shadow + Light) of our human experience. Learning how to flow with the Universe to replace our limiting beliefs with empowered awareness and conscious intention. Learning to undo harmful programming and replace it with intentional beliefs through personal discipline, reinforcement and affirmations.

You do NOT have to identify as a witch to join me in this space. I use the word Witch as a reclamation of feminine power lost throughout history. The word Witch to me, means powerful women (or men) using their personal intention to manifest their realities, to create a better world for all, and using their birth right as creators.

I love to encourage women to take responsibility for their lives and fulfill their capacity for empowerment through daily practice and self-awareness.

Shadow work is paramount to understanding our true nature and how we have come to adapt certain beliefs and behaviors to survive and habituate our surroundings and experiences. While we have endured trauma and wounds we have also created entire belief systems, identities or behaviors that helped us cope at the time, but are now hindering our growth and soul expansion. What helped us survive in the past, can attach to our identity and we have to establish what mechanisms no longer serve us so that we can release them and reclaim our personal power. While we hold onto these survival tools, we are also attaching ourselves to a victim mindset-because these beliefs are associated with the time in our lives where we needed them to survive. While we may have escaped our abuse or trauma, our body keep score of those patterns and behaviors. We still utilize them and by reclaiming our power and sovereignty we can transmute what no longer serves us to healthier habits+beliefs.

I will teach you to embrace and share your story with an empowering narrative that heals your past and cultivates an inspiring voice that encourages others. I will help you embrace that only you have power over your inner world, and your inner world creates the way you perceive your outer world.

Every person you interact with and every experience you have in your life is a mirror, a reflection, and leaning into experiences can help you understand yourself in a deeper way and you will come to know yourself in a way you never imagined possible. You will fall in love with yourself and in doing so honor, respect and cherish your sacred Dharma.

My absolutely favorite quote is, “Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibly.” We go through so many experiences and situations in life that has left us feeling depleted and small, when you may not have had power in the situation, you DO have power now. By reclaiming your voice and your story you can take the power away from those that hurt you and recover your sovereignty. Call your power and energy back, do not allow others to still have influence over who you are.

Learn to dance with your shadows and love every aspect of your journey. It will not always be pretty, many days you will feel crippling emotion that brings you to you knees, but that is all part of the process. As humans we are meant to experience the polarity and duality of all this life has to offer. By embracing it all, we learn what life has to teach us.

During this process I will teach you about all aspect of the spiritual realm and give you the tools you need to transform into the person you really want to be. To come into alignment with your highest self, learn to ebb and flow with the rhythm of the cosmos and embrace you intuitive and rooted power.

Some of the things we’ll cover throughout Reclaiming the Witch.
-Shadow work
-Light work
-Ecstatic flow dance/movement
-Trauma, belief and wound mapping
-Scream therapy
-EFT (tapping)
-conscious relationships
-setting and maintaining boundaries to protect your energy 
-Leaning into Triggers and Stressers
-Astrology/Natal Charts
-Spell Work (
-Living unified with the cycles and rhythms of the Earth and Cosmos
-As Above, So Below
-Moon Time (Empowered Menstruation)
-Self-love practices
-Sacred Sexuality
-Empowered story telling
-Eastern Philosophy 
-Embodying your divinity 
-Goddess energy
-Earth Power
-Law of Attraction
-Ancient Wisdom/Teachings
-Breath Work
-Creative Expression
-Deity Work
-Sound Healing
-Psychic Development
-The Nature of Reality
-Quantum Physics
-Pendulum Effect
-Plant Medicine
-Automatic writing/journaling
-Sun Gazing
-Akashic Records
-Astral Traveling
-Dream interpretation
-Different Spiritual Paths
-Subliminal Messaging
-Past Lives
-Vision Boards
-Empowered Beliefs
-Honoring your emotions (all emotions)
-uncovering deep truths
-re-membering who you truly are meant to be
-Healing the mother/father/parent wound
-Radical Forgivness 

These are some of the tools I have used to transform my life and my story, everyone will require a unique set of practices that works best for them and I will help cultivate a path that is best and most empowering for you. Its time to rise rooted and embody your goddess potential.

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