Recon Dye is creating Comics

$5 /mo
I'll mention you in the news for the next round of comics that go up.

$10 /mo
Every month, we'll have a patron-only live stream just for us, plus all previous rewards. You'll get to watch me... I dunno.. make a comic or something..

$20 /mo
We can have a personal Skype chat, where you can ask me questions, or record me singing something embarassing.

$100 /mo
Every month, I'll send you a unique autographed drawing, plus all previous rewards.  Be warned, I can't draw worth a crap, but yeah, I'll try my best.

$500 /mo
If you fly out to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you can stay at my apartment for a few days..  I'll cook you meals, and you can hang out with my guinea pigs and stuff.  I don't expect a lot of people to...