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Hi World

Thank-you so much for perusing the Reconsider Patreon profile.

The Mission...

Let's look towards a worldwide awakening of knowledge. The understanding of our true enlightened reality. Information for all, rather than the elite few.

Suppressed extraterrestrial contact, technology, ancient origins, spirituality and the true nature of our reality. Although we are amongst a period immense instability and change. The future will be positive!

There are heady plans to continue to grow and develop the Reconsider Website and YouTube Channel . I will constantly try to always attempt to elevate the quality, depth of content, sophistication, and originality.

As Patreons grow, I will start to provide exclusive content.

Reconsider was launched at a time of unprecedented hostility toward independent voices.

Demonetization, and the overt censorship at the hands of Google, Facebook and Twitter mean that growing revenue for this kind of venture is very, very challenging. So your help would be greatly appreciated.

All money will go to maintaining overheads for the website, improving technology and equipment. Along with keeping its sole creator fed and watered.

Thanks Again.
LOVE Simon

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I promise each and every one of my first 100 Patrons will immediately ascend to a higher realm. You'll be blissfully unaware of the absolute chaotic rhubarb that occurs back on this blue green planet we call Earth.
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