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Hello and welcome my Patreon page! Some of you may know me as Red Dragon from FuraffinityFurry Network, Tumblr and Deviant Art. I am a furry artist and I and I have been working as a freelancer artist, drawing as a job and loving it. My art is usually free to view and found on my personal site and a few others, but here on Patreon you will get access to my sketch progress, exclusive files and WIPs.

Why should I support you?

With your support, I would be able to create more content for everyone. As of now, I do have a part time job that doesn't pay well and can be tiring so I still mostly rely on my commission work to make a living. With Patreon I want to be able to create the art I enjoy and share without worry. I would also like to be able to branch out and try more things like bigger illustrations, creating different styles, make a professional portfolio, etc.

What will you get?

Depending on how you much pledge, you can receive updates with full resolution images, preview shots, and occasionally sketches that I won't post. As well as tutorials, timelape videos and a chance to participate in my Livestream.

How Will it Work?

I plan to update once to twice a month! In the middle and at the end, or just towards the end. I won't update unless I feel like I have enough for it! You can donate what you are ready and set up a limit for your donations if you don't want to overspend.

Thank you!

I want to extend my thanks to you for viewing my Patreon page, becoming a Patron here, commissioning me, or spreading the word about my Patreon! I wouldn't be where I am without any of my awesome fans, so thank you!

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Albino Bat
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You will receive high-rez files and get access to sketches, rough drafts, work in progress shots of my work.

  • W.I.P sketches/Screenshots
  • Early Access to Sketches
Dragon's Fire
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For $10 a month you unlock all previous rewards plus a chance to participate in my Livestream.

  •  All of the Above
  •  Early Access to  Finished works
  • Set up your own custom brush
  • How to cel-shade: PS & SAI
  • A sketch commission of your choice!
Dead Dog
per month
  • All of the Above
  • Additional Monthly Art Pack (Colored & Completed Art)
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If I reach 500 patrons, I will host a public livestream showcasing commissions and personal projects.
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