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You have Dovei's eternal gratitude, which will be shown in a monthly video with everyone's name in it. ♥


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All of the above, plus: Around the Campfire - A seasonal video where patrons of this tier can join Dovei and discuss a range of topics (mostly game plot/lore analysis and such) 

In addition: Name characters in games/playthroughs/streams whenever applicable.


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All of the above, plus: Patrons of this tier can pick a game for Dovei to play in a Discord call (~3hrs) once per month, which will be recorded and/or live streamed on Twitch.

(Game must be safe for Youtube/Twitch, must not break any TOS, and must be discussed with/approved by Dovei before any streaming/recording begins, just in case.)




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About Dovei

Coming Soon™, the return of the abstract campfire tales from a wanderer. 

My name is Dovei, a "Person Who Enjoys Games On The Internet", and I'm here to deliver my drop in the ocean of making Video Game Based Video Content. I've often been called a Professional Red Mage, because I do a little bit of everything. I've been making YouTube videos off and on since 2008, and streaming on Twitch since 2014. But besides video games, my biggest passion is stories. Telling them, hearing them, reading them... analyzing them. 

Gather around the campfire, my friends. I have some stories to tell you.
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Once a month or so, Dovei will put out a multiplayer/community night video, featuring both Patrons and non-Patrons alike. (Example: MMO stuff, Tabletop Simulator, Terraria, Minecraft, Jackbox, etc)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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