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Hey Guys, this is Jesse and Scott from redRAGE comics. We need tons of help your help! Every dollar you pledge gives us freedom to produce our stories independently, so thank you for your support. Further, we're thrilled by an opportunity to create a collaborative community where our supporters (you!) are literally (figuratively?) in our kitchen. In other words, help us fashion cookies stories and have tons of fun as we build the rageWORLDS we're passionate about!

We're starting an Ezine called rageMIND Collective to offer you the best of what we do. Why? It's simple. Have you ever been called a BADGER? We have. It hurts. It cuts you deep and leaves you two choices: 1) depression, or 2) rage. We chose rage, a worldview born of dark[necessity]. Seriously. Jesse even grew a rage-fro. We hope to make rageMIND Collective a bi-weekly or monthly or whenever-we-have-enough-awesome-stuff Ezine that gives you our current long-term projects, comics, stories, games and nightmares. Further, as you RAGEtoss more money at our faces and we earn the patron[r]age of more anger mongers, we'll be able to expand our issues (expand our issues... really?) and include other artists in our Ezine!

Jesse and Scott's Plan... 

... Plan?

We will devote more and more time to our projects as money becomes available. The ability to devote more time to creating our stories means more stuff for you more often! We also plan to use the money you give us to pay rageMIND Collective contributors really really well! 

The Tasting is our first full length graphic novel. The main character is Stessa, a young woman kidnapped and modified to fit the form of a vampire. Our first goal ($1) pledged is our cue to begin releasing Stessa's story as a motion comic. The Tasting, along with other graphic novel projects, will be released sequentially in issues of rageMIND Collective.

We're compiling a large slate of artwork and stories and we want to release more and more projects. Do you want card games? Board games? Mind games? Do you like interconnected graphic novels made by people who love building layers and layers of delicious chips lore? Then please support us and help our dreams and our stories come to life.

Thank you, Jesse and Scott

P.S. Lets build terrible worlds together.

$0 of $1 per month
When we hit $1, we'll begin releasing issue 1 of The Tasting as a Motion Comic. One special ragePATRON funds Stessa's inaguration. 
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