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It's my job to make you wiggle

Give $
per finished track
Milestone Goals
Funding a Sound Treated Studio
$1 per finished track
When it comes to music mixing and mastering (which I do alone), the best tool a producer can have are great monitor speakers (done) and a room that is treated to absorb certain frequencies. This is how a mix can truly get the accurate frequency response needed to produce accurate results and truly deliver the best audio possible in any listening environment.
Funding Marketing Materials
$2 per finished track
In order to generate the revenue I need to keep producing music, I need to market the music. This will pay for things such as printing, e-mail blasts, social media management, website creation and hosting, art design, soundcloud, my street team, management, etc.
Funding Goods
$3 per finished track
This will help me produce goods such as CD's, vinyl, hats, lighters, clothing, and posters.
Funding Software and Equipment
$5 per finished track
There is a plethora of software and hardware that I have already purchased: Ableton Live 9 Suite, Massive, Reason - however, there is tons of software and hardware that I still need. This includes Reaktor, Ozone Izotope, Uhbik Plugins, Zebra 2, and Zynaptiq - Unfilter, Push, a higher powered laptop to run live performances, and a video camera for more dynamic content (just to name a few).
Funding a Tour
$20 per finished track
This will help me fund a tour and pay for travel expenses, vehicle maintenance, crews (for staging, lighting, video, and sound), to hire a live drummer (as well as other live musicians and visual performers), and to create a street team in distant cities to help generate a fun fan experience at the show.


I am a music producer and saxophonist from Kansas City.


Overland Park, KS, USA
I am an electronic music producer and saxophone player. I fuse multiple styles together using synthesizers, drum programming, and advanced audio production techniques. All of my tracks take serious time and effort every week. With music creation and free distribution taking most of my hours, I am asking for support.
I have a serious passion for what I do. I began music at an early age and continued my music training through college. I am very grateful to be blessed with the ability and passion for making music. With your help, I will obtain the means by which to make better music, fund live performances, travel expenses, market the music, and reward my fans when it all comes together. I cannot wait to share this musical journey with the world and take everybody along for the ride!
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