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About Redfield Design

Welcome to the team
My name is Katie and I am technically a Seamstress but I like to dabble in many ponds, from fashion (where I started) to cosplay. I specialized in Steampunk with fingers in Goth, Lolita, Dieselpunk and even a few fetish and corsets tossed in for flavor. I have been fetched in several Indie Magazines and Mainstream books. I love fashion shows and have been in over 30 in 7 years.  Right now I am getting ready for my wedding so the next line will not be started till 2018 :)

In the Cosplay world I am a Master- Class competitor but I have only been in one competition with dreams of being in more soon. I enjoy cosplay cause it lets me us my sculpture degree and my sewing skills in a harmoniums project. I also love being given a frame work and fleshing it out and making it feel more real.


Why do I need Patrons 
I have so many ideas, I just need to help fund all these ideas. I love adding small details and those usually take the most time and Money. It also helps to keep to schedule and not let myself get out of hand.
Also you can see that unlike other Cosplay sites I don't really offer photo packages, I love helping me and lifting people to their highest optional and while you learn you will be giving me that same gift.

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