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A small token of encouragement for a job well done!  A small box of Redz swag will be sent to you for your support, as well as access to our digital content and early bird announcements  about Redz Popups and business news! ☺️

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Ready to begin tasting? We hear you!  In addition to access to exclusive content and a welcome box of Redz Swag, we’ll be sending you a sampler box twice a year! Six of our “mini” containers (6oz) with our favorite selection of core and seasonal offerings for you to dip your spoon into! 😁

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Need more than just a taste? In return for your support, this tier will see you with access to exclusive content, a welcome box of Redz Swag, plus a sampler box sent to your door every season!  Eight mini containers, filled with both favorite seasonal picks and core flavors, all for your enjoyment! 😁



About Redz Gelato

Redz Gelato is a small startup Gelato company, taking on the world with their classic dessert done with a crafted twist.  We’ve created both classic Italian desserts, as well as selections of nostalgic sweetness, and spun them all into perfectly smooth, perfectly cravable, absolutely delectable Gelato and Sorbetto.  We’ve come to PATREON to get closer with our friends - to involve you in our growth and creative process.  

Our tiers are asking a lot, we know.  We've priced them specifically with costs of packing and shipping in mind - so that no matter where you are in the US, we can send you our sampler boxes.  The tiers are a "minimum guarantee" - meaning that, with the tier you've selected, that is what you'll be receiving at a minimum.  If we only have full size containers in our freezer of a variety, and you have a mini set, we'll still send you the full size.  If it turns out we have extra product because we've been extra creative?  You might wind up with an email asking if you'd like an extra delivery!  Every dollar you pledge goes right back into Redz - materials, equipment, marketing - we have a dream and we're willing to work for it.  With your support, we will be able to continue perfecting our flavors, begin sending our product to your door, popping up in events around the region, and (if dreams come true!) one day open our own Geleteria in Troy, NY, and beyond.  

No matter what our plans are, the reason we chose Patreon is simple - to give our friends and supporters the chance to (finally!) get their hands on some gelato.  When it arrives, we hope you will let us know what you think - but we think that with just one spoonful you’ll understand why we say our little containers are simply jars of “happiness, in dessert.”
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