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About Ashley

I’m a freelance illustrator and obsessive character designer! But my true passion is…COMICS! I love making up characters and daydreaming about what sort of adventures they’d get themselves into! And in 2018 I finally put that to the test by starting a little webcomic called….
The Pirate Checklist!

For those who have never heard of it… It’s a webcomic about…. Pirates…! (Because the title totally doesn’t give that away…) The Pirate Checklist is a story about a young pirate captain named Alynne and her quest to form a legendary crew of friends! Along the way her aspirations are challenged by the ideals of the infamous Gayle! As well as… some other characters. To help her along, an unlikely ally gives her a checklist full of all the things a good pirate crew needs! Will she stick to her list, or succumb to the worst of influences…?

   Patreon is a great service that helps creators do what seems impossible, work their dream jobs! With your support you can help me do the same and make The Pirate Checklist grow! I’d be able to afford to advertise, make more merch, and even help pay my bills so I can solely focus on the comic! By becoming a Pateron supporter you get access to things like… the ability to read updates (at least) one week ahead of the public! Stickers! Character sketches! And a whole lot more!!! Right now The Pirate Checklist is a solo project, so I’m only able to make one update per week as I’m juggling other jobs and projects. My current goal is to hire a team to help lighten my load, and then I can move on to posting twice a week! And possibly even start on a second comic!

Whether it’s a little or a lot, I’m so genuinely thankful for everyone’s support. You guys keep me going! I hope to continue to be able to supply you all with good laughs and fun stories, and I can’t do it without your help! Thank you for reading my comic and for your consideration!
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Patreon Bonus Comic #1
Once we hit this goal I'll start making a 5+ page bonus TPC comic!

Synopsis: (Coming soon)
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