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About Nemanja Mijatovic

About Me.
Hi everyone my name is Nemanja Mijatovic ( I'm here because I love photography, video, marine and saltwater aquarium hobby, aircraft and tank scale modeling as well.
Coral, fish, sand, rock, water, sol are thing that we reefers enjoy so much that i decided that to share whit you my videos. Through my videos i will try to introduce to you not only my tank, but aquarium from my friends as well.

Why I Need Your Help. 
Making YouTube videos requires time, patience and of course good reef tank. As you know this hobby isn't cheap. So here's by giving supporting me through Patreon, I have opportunity to improve my videos and share whit you small but colorfull world from from my reef tank.

I appreciate all of the support you have give to me, check out my YouTube channel and join, comment
and happy reefing.
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Buying auto top off system, aquarium water level controller.
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