Regine Sawyer is creating Comic Books, Illustrated Novels & Crochet

Thank You!

$1 /mo
You will get a huge, thank you and shout out via my webpage and Lockett Down Facebook/Twitter page!


$5 /mo
You'll get a PDF of one of my latest comics!

Get Digital

$15 /mo
You'll get 1 Digital comic and 1 Digital Poster of my choosing.

Stitches and Yarn

$20 /mo
I'll send you crochet tips and patterns on geeky designs that I have personally created!

Illustrated Novels

$25 /mo
Exclusive PDF chapters of the new Eating Vampires Illustrated Novel Series: 'Letters to Ev' and Ice Witch Blizzard Season. You'll see them before the public does and will have a full collection of ...

Writing Consultation

$30 /mo
Get comic book writing tips from ME monthly. I'll include info on World Building and Characterization monthly.

New Work

$40 /mo
Exclusive PDF pages from the next comic I'm working on, (which ever that will be!). You'll be the first to see completed pages and will have all the full books at the end of completion.