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Reiki Helper (if you on limited income)

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3-5x Daily Reiki at a discounted rate.

Need the energy but are budget crunched? 

This Reikilist is already a bargain at $45/month, but I know some people just don’t have the income. But is also energetically important to demonstrate how much you value the daily intensive Reiki to make some kind of contribution, thus this program is $10/month

This tier has all the benefits of the Reiki Enthusiast Tier.


This tier can also be used with permisson by long time friends of Jess that have already put in many hours of love and support..

Reiki Enthusiasts (1 person)

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per month
Reiki sent daily 3-5 times per day

Imagine your life improving under the influence of Reiki being sent multiple times a day, every day!  

 Donation ~$1.50/day

Reiki Duo [$36 each]

per month
3-5x Daily Reiki for each person and their concerns.

Same benefits as Reiki Enthusiast, but for 2 people and their concerns. 

Both people can get texts, and create their own concerns list

Read the Details in the "About" section 

Donation  ~$1.20 per day per person.



About Jessica Miller - Reiki Explorer - Reiki HEALING LIST

Imagine how life would improve with multiple small doses of Reiki healing energy sent to you multiple times a day every single day. Getting daily text messages of support with the daily focus. I am passionate about Reiki, and how Reiki distance healing can help smooth the path through life's many challenges.

Those who want more can also opt for a monthly Reiki Session. There are discounts for multiple people signing up together. There is even an option for those on tight budgets.

Energy is sent to "You and Your Concerns", this provides:
- Physical healing and support
- Emotional healing and support
- Energy to support your business and hobbies
- Energy sent to the people and situations that concern you
- Charging of your Reiki grid, or your list of people/situations


It works like this.. 
Sign up on the Patreon website. You won't be billed until the first of NEXT month, so your first few days/weeks are free. You can sign up, change tiers, or cancel at any time.  I will contact you ( or you me) to make sure i have your cell phone# if you want to be texted when i am sending.  NOTE: If PATREON does not like your payments, you can setup PAYPAL recurring payments or prepay by cash or check, message me for details.

I send Reiki 3-5 times a day.  I send a text message to your phone twice a day (once a day for international). The text messages let you know the focus for the days Reiki, and is a good reminder to send your own Reiki or prayers for your life.  Many have told me they love the text messages just for the reminder that someone is on their side.  

I have some people that are on the text message list, and some that want the daily Reiki, but not to be on the list. Interestingly, I find it easier to send energy to the people get the text messages. The extra contact makes the Reiki flow easier. But I still send to everyone and their concerns.

I send bits of Reiki throughout the day, when i wake up, and just before i go to bed, and sometimes when i wake up in middle of the night, but i don't text you then!  To respect your life, I try to keep most messages between 9am-9pm Pacific Time.  If you don't want the 'ding" each time i send, google "Hide Alerts" for the type of phone you have. On iPhone, its an option on the circled "I" for the group thread.

Due to some tech details i won't bore you with, some of the texts come from "437-86" and some from a 415 area code number.   You can reply to the (415) ones. I do not see them instantly, but when i sign into the sending text program.  I love hearing how this program is helping you, and anything special you want me to know to send to for you.  I read all the messages, but I don't always reply unless a reply is clearly needed.



By default I am sending Reiki to "You and Your Concerns."  "Your concerns" includes all the people and situations you care about. You might find it helpful to create a physical list, or put requests in a reiki healing grid/lotus. You can text me what your concerns are to the 415 number, but this is not necessary.  If you wish someone else to be able to send to themselves and their concerns, and to get these notifications, then sign up for the appropriate group tier.

Reiki is not a substitute for common sense, or medical care. It  will not make everything in your life perfect, you still have to live your life, including the rough patches,  but it will make things smoother than they would have been, support your ability to do the things that must be done, and increase synchronicity and positive coincidence.  

Reiki is like gardening.  Not all gardening yields instant results. While pruning may be fast, Rain, Sun and fertilizer all need time to work.  The beauty of this program is that it sends lots of healing Reiki energy to you multiple times every day is an amazing support so you can really make your life the best it can be.

I look forward to sending you and your concerns much Reiki!



Some Comments

Energy at this time when i need it most, Many Many Thanks

Thank you Jess! I feel the love ❤️

I feel so much calmer!

So many things in my life are going smoother. Tough stuff is still hard, but I get through it easier 

My blood numbers are getting better

Wow! What a great program. I love the support

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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