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-My eternal thanks and gratitude
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About Relseiy

Hello! I'm Relseiy/Pandastrophic, my passion is illustration and visual narrative! I'm currently a university student studying graphic design and therefor making webcomics can't be my priority, I have to manage my time very to be able to balance out creating webcomics and illustrations with university work. It's been working out well so far but I need to be able to keep it up for a very long time as most of my comic projects are very long term projects that require long working hours. I seriously love working on webcomics and it's my dream for it to be my job one day and this is where Patreon comes in. 

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- My eternal thanks and gratitude!!
- Access to Patreon request events! This can range from headshots, fullbody, chibis, digital, traditional depending on what I feel so it's pretty much random!
- Access to high quality versions of my illustrations
- Early access first half of the next comic episode (coming soon)
- Access to exclusive monthly patreon-only sketchs from my personal sketch book! This would include both comic related, non-comic related sketches, sketched versions of illustrations and any other studies I did that month. 
Hopefully much more in the future!

86% complete
S101 Extra comics will be added to $5 tier.
The comics are scenes and stories I couldn't add to the main plot, most of the comics will be patreon exclusive until the main Socializing101 comic is completed.
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