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I have reluctantly come to believe that we are living in a time of unprecedented risk, and that it is necessary and increasingly urgent for responsible people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves and their families from the coming financial upheaval. I've learned that we cannot depend on the system to protect our interests and our families; we need to step up and take prudent action ourselves.

I've also learned there are some basic first steps and some trustworthy resources to help us start insuring what we cannot afford to lose. I'm educating myself as a reluctant prepper, and the purpose of our www.ReluctantPreppers.com site and ReluctantPreppers YouTube channel is to share with as many other responsible folks as I can an understanding of why it is necessary to take action and how we can get started taking care of the basics now, before the system fails. I care about our families and my mission is to help us increase all of our families' safety and preparedness.

Despite record numbers of loyal YouTube fans and subscribers, our modest ad earnings fall short of supporting our ongoing mission to bring you breakthrough interviews with top experts. THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by becoming a Patreon supporter of Reluctant Preppers at whatever monthly level you can, to help us reach our first goal of producing twice-weekly original interviews for you and for all families! PLEASE HELP US MAKE THIS IMPORTANT STEP, to get the word out!
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With your help to reach a $500 per month goal, we can step it up from making one interview per week to consistently producing TWO original interviews with top experts per week in the fields of Gold & Silver, Self-Reliance, Security & Personal Safety, Homesteading, and Privacy & Liberty!
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