Remain Seated with Chris Nebergall is creating YouTube Videos

Backstage Pass

$2 /mo
  • Access to PATREON ONLY content! Includes behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes, plus other exclusive stuff!
  • You'll also get access to special live chat and stream stuff.

Special Credits in the Video

$5 /mo
We'll thank you in the credits of the video, so everyone knows you're an awesome theme park nut!

Shout Out in the Video

$10 /mo
Chris will personally shout out your name in the video. How cool is that?!

Your Own Theme Park Ride (kind of)!

$20 /mo
Chris is an avid (and pretty talented) Planet Coaster player. For 20 dollars, he'll make a theme park ride in the game based on YOUR concept, and either live stream it or record a sweet timela...

Your Very Own Episode

$200 /mo
We will make any episode you want (within reason. It's a family show). You can even come with us while we film it. Heck, you can guest star in it. It's 200 dollars!