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Thank you! This is our standard level of patreon support. You get a TON of stuff for just the change in your car's ashtray.

This tier includes:
  • Access to my gaming discussion podcast 'Expansion Pass' every Sunday. This show features stuff like modern game reviews, ranking lists, general gaming conversations (Worst enemies, Underrated games), and comedy-centric episodes (Gamer confessions, Airing of Gaming Grievances). You also get instant access to ALL previous 'Expansion Pass' episodes.
  • Access to my modern gaming news podcast 'Game Patch' every Friday. All the biggest news from Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and the world of gaming, with my opinions and some profanity sprinkled on top. This show was previously on free feeds, but is now exclusive to our Patrons.
  • The ability to submit comments and questions to be read on Remember The Game?, Expansion Pass, and Game Patch. You can play 'Play One/Remake One/Erase One'!
  • A chance to suggest games for, and vote in, our monthly Patreon Poll. The game that wins this poll each month gets it's own episode of Remember The Game?
  • Access to our RTG Discord.
  • A Shout-out at the end of each episode of Remember The Game? (I record this segment at the beginning of each month).

NOTE: Unfortunately, we can't give away a portion of our income anymore. It's against the terms of service. My apologies for any confusion.
Includes Discord benefits

RTG Executive Jr. Vice President

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$2/month gets you cool stuff, but $5/month gets you MORE cool stuff!

Maybe instead of giving us the change from your car's ashtray, you slip us that five dollar bill you found in your winter coat's pocket?

Everyone on this tier gets all the perks from our $2 tier, along with:

  • One episode of my personal rambling podcast 'The Rambling Idiot' each month. This is my uncut, unfiltered, "diary" of a podcast. I talk about anything I want (aside from video games). Comedy, politics, sports, wrestling, my life, etc.
  • The ability to suggest topics for, and vote in, our monthly Expansion Pass Topic Poll. The last Expansion Pass podcast of each month will be about whatever wins this bad boy.
  • You'll get a code that's good for 5% discount on all RTG merchandise (available at
  • You'll also get access to all the stuff at the $2 level!
Includes Discord benefits

RTG Senior Executive Vice President

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Forget the change in your car, forget the fiver you found in your old jacket. This tier will cost you the money you get when you take your empties back for the deposits. But it also contains the most stuff!

Everyone on this tier gets all the perks from our $2 & $5 tiers (other than the 5% discount code). You'll also get:

  • WEEKLY episodes of my personal rambling podcast 'The Rambling Idiot' every Thursday. This is my uncut, unfiltered, "diary" of a podcast. I talk about anything I want (aside from video games). Comedy, politics, sports, wrestling, my life, etc.
  • VIDEO versions of Expansion Pass, Game Patch, and The Rambling Idiot. I usually throw a short intro in before each episode while I'm setting up my equipment, and any bloopers and outtakes during recording will be included in these videos too.
  • A personalized RTG Birthday Card on your big day! I've designed exclusive RTG cards, and I'll actually sign and write you a real note inside one!
  • You'll get a code that's good for 10% discount on all RTG merchandise (available at This discount cannot be combined with other discount codes.
  • You'll also get access to all the stuff at the $2 & $5 levels!




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About Remember The Game?

Wwwwwhat's up, everybody?!

My name's Adam Blank, but you probably know that if you're here. This is the Patreon page for Remember The Game? Industries that I talk about on the podcast each week.

What began as a hobby (and an excuse for me to justify all the time I spend playing old video games) grew into a passion project, and then blossomed into a full-time job for me. Our downloads have continued to climb, and as I've tried to expand the brand to include more shows, videos, and content, the hours of work and cost of equipment has continued to rise. 

That's where this Patreon comes in...

If you're enjoying the podcast, I ask you to please consider supporting us on here. I truly feel that I offer an incredible value for your money, and frankly, these shows wouldn't be possible without our communities support. 

I hesitated to launch this at all, because I didn't want anyone to feel an obligation to spend their hard earned money on my show. That said, if you don't want to/can't afford to contribute to my Patreon, it's all good. You'll still have our same old free, subpar quality podcast waiting for you every single Wednesday. However, should you decide that you'd like to invest (and I consider anyone that contributes to this project an investor in me, and Remember The Game?), I'm offering as much as I possibly can in exchange for your money. 

NOTE: If you listen to our earlier episodes, I mentioned that we gave away part of our patreon income. Unfortunately, that turned out to be against Patreon's terms and services, and we had to eliminate that perk. I apologize for any confusion this may cause. You still get a ton of great stuff though! Including...

  • Up to THREE extra podcasts each week!
  • Instant access to all previous 'Expansion Pass' podcasts!
  • The ability to submit comments & questions for ALL of our shows!
  • A vote in our Patreon Poll (to help pick games we cover on RTG)!
  • Access to the RTG Discord!
  • A shout-out on 'Remember The Game?'!
  • And more!

  • I really care about this show. Your money will go toward helping me grow our audience and take over the retro gaming podcast world. I'm really proud of what I consider to be the great value we offer for the change you find in your couch every month.

    I can't thank all of you enough for listening to the podcast. I didn't think anyone would care about this thing when it started, and I'm humbled that so many of you are enjoying it as much as I am. If you want to invest in the show, vote for our future, and listen to some more of my rambling, I encourage you to sign up as a Patreon. If you just want to keep listening every Wednesday, or keep watching some of my videos, that's totally cool, too. I can't thank you all enough. 

    Thanks, ya hot dogs.

    - Adam Blank

    @adamblank17 (Twitter & Instagram)
    @memberthegame (Twitter & Instagram)
    200 - reached! patrons
    Project Level Up

    This is something I've been talking about for a while on the show. With the two additional weekly podcasts, Youtube content and Twitch streaming, I'm pouring 60 hours/week into Remember The Game now. I simply can't keep up that pace without your support. 

    So I've set a goal of 200 patrons. When we reach that mark, everyone that makes up that number will receive a Remember The Game? lanyard and a hand written thank you note from me. Your money goes into equipment, advertising, and my bills, and it allows me to keep doing the stupid stuff you like. 

    I refuse to put old episodes of the show behind a paywall, and I'm offering as much for $2 as most podcasts charge $10+ for each month. 

    If you enjoy what I do, please consider supporting me and the show. And thank you for your help with Project Level Up!
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