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Do you like watching funny videos? Do you dislike advertisements? Do you want to keep motivating your favourite content creators to keep producing content for you to watch, but also employ your cherished adblocker software? Live the best of both worlds! Finally get rid of that nagging, itchy feeling in the back of your head that you get after realising the countless amount of pennies you've cost your frequently watched creators and sleep peacefully once more with this add blocker redemption tier!

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About Repelmer

Hey, I'm Repelmer and I've been using twitch to stream and youtube to upload video's. Till now these mostly have been on the subject of Gwent: The witcher card game, although I would like to grow beyond this single subject. I've been using twitch and youtube for quite a while and looking back, I've realised that if I could spend more time/resources on either channel to make content of a higher quality, I would. You joining in on my exclusive community via this Patreon page will give me some extra breathing room, which I will dedicate to improving what I put out, and give YOU early access to all of my major creations.

I am very new to Patreon so if you think I'm missing something a Patreon user shouldn't miss, please let me know and I will make sure to employ your feedback.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you in my next stream/upload!
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I would like to return to my former scedule of streaming 5/6 days and uploading about 10 video's per week. If it turns out I am not the only one, we can start getting serious about it.
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