The Tapestry of the Geek (Savannah Baldwin) is creating Embroidery & Writing a BOOK!


$5 /mo
Whoa. I really appreciate your support! This is amazing!
I will embroider a 2 patches  (3-4 inches) with content of your choice. Please allow time for me to create something beautiful!

An 8 inch original! Just for you!

$25 /mo
*Faints* I can't even begin to express my gratitude! This will help immensely!
An 8 inch hoop, embroidered with the content of your choosing. Please allow enough time for me to create something...

Bi-annual Originals! Right to your door!

$50 /mo
Smelling salts please! You have completely blown me away!
Every 6 months you will have an 8-10 hoop with your specific content coming your way!

I have a dream, please consider helping me reach it!

$500 /mo
Help me reach this lofty dream of owning my own business.
I will reward you with one of my 20 inch hoops, 10 patches, 3 4 inch hoops and a discount in the store. This opportunity is so within m...