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Donors will have access to the Donor role in Discord, and will receive the title of Donor in the game. You will also receive a rod of transmutation. 

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Donors will have access to the Patreon role in Discord, and will receive the title of Patreon in the game. You will also get access to a special fire crystal that lasts forever, instantly heats up items/ore, lights fires, and of course, melts snowballs! 

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Donors will receive 5 extra bank slots. A custom overhead sign will be delivered to your settlement token. You will also get a custom title that you create yourself.

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About Requiem of Wurm

Long ago, when Wurm Online was very young, I started a character named Governor. I played a while in Golden Valley until I met some players that invited me to come to the Independence server. I joined a Village named Nyrada, and made even more friends, including Mommat. After a while, a few of us went off to create our own village together, called Hades Creek. Time passed and a new land opened far away named Xanadu. I soon left my old village to travel to the new land and settle another village with Mommat. We named it Shipwreck. I started playing Wurm Unlimited on Requiem of Wurm because of Mommat and (of course) loved it instantly. The owner of the server soon was unable to keep the server alive, and I was asked if I wanted to keep it going. Since I have a hobby of building computers, I had an extra machine that I could use, so I agreed. Not knowing anything about coding, I set out to learn Java so I could modify the server to be a unique place for players to gather. I have made many new additions with the help of other modders. I now run this great server with my wife Hera, and a few more new friends. I am pleased to bring a community together that really helps each other out when needed! Help me make the server even better by pledging to support us each month.
$4.20 of $75 per month
When ( and while) this goal is reached, we will put the money into one external battery pack for the server. 
In addition to the extended runtime during power outages, we will have our Discord server upgraded with Nitro for a better overall experience for everyone.
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