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About Reset Sri Lanka

Reset is a common political platform for various groups working towards a complete transformation in Sri Lankan political and economic systems beyond just elections. 

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Who are we?

A group, working together with a hope for a better change

Everybody claims to be working for a change. How do we differ from others?

Those who belong to the parties that ruled the country since independence and their sub groups keep making fake promises that they are going to bring about a change. We represent everybody except those who have been affiliated with mainstream political parties that ruined the country by engaging in corruption and defrauding public or private money.

What is our ideology?

Each and every individual has their own political ideology, however we all work together in the platform with only one ideology; we need a better change for the country as well as for our future. It is not important to represent their political ideology here because there are other organizations just for that.

What is our approach/contribution in the elections?

We will defend the public demand on changing the country for the better and work on developing it. We will work as a common platform to identify, promote and choose an alternative presidential candidate with the support of alternative political groups and presidential candidates who have identified themselves to resist the reelection of any candidate from existing coruupted political parties.

Then, we will work together to select and elect a group of representatives to the parliament who can decisively change the country.

What is a common platform?

A place where the general public can get together to discuss politics, community participation, cultural activities, and engage in planning and monitoring. Anybody can enter the space if they agree to a few basic conditions and they can leave anytime.

Is platform another organization?

No, Platform is not another organization. It is a model nurtured by others in alternative political organizations and also others who are not affiliated with any political group currently. There is no traditional leader for the platform. There will be leaders from certain roles and subject matters. It is enough to have a tea to monitor that.

Are there other similar platforms?

Yes, there could be other platforms. That is not an issue. There could be a hundred different ways in which people work for a common goal. It is important to have a coordination and a mutual understanding between these groups. That will avoid unnecessary repetitions of the same tasks.

Will this platform directly represent in Elections?

No, This platform constitutes of alternative political parties, organizations and individuals in Sri Lanka. Therefore, there is no necessity for this platform to go for an election directly. There is space for parties and individuals representing different political ideologies within this group. It is their will to go for elections representing their ideologies.

What is the role of a platform?

The basic role is to facilitate, coordinate, and guide public opinion. Facilitation means helping the victory of people’s willingness to bring about a positive change for the country. This platform facilitates the process through providing human resources and knowledge, organizing, planning, logistics arrangements and promotions.

What happens to the platform after the election?

That is a decision to be made together because this group is developed by ordinary people like you and me. We can propose to continue the platform as a community organization. That way, it would continue to intervene the future and the development of the country. We do not want to repeat the mistake of dissolving the community movements after the elections like in the past.

Are we representing any individual or an organization?

No, we are here with the goal to ensure everybody in the alternative political ideology stay together to keep us strong against the mainstream political parties. We would not favor any organization or candidate but we will maintain the communication and coordination with different groups.

To whom are we giving our products including plans and tools?

We will provide the plans and tools we prepare to all the potential candidates and groups in the alternative stream. All those tools and plans will be developed as a group effort.

Are we doing an election campaign?

Yes. Our campaign is to develop the public trust on the possibility of bringing all the groups doing alternative politics to one stronger stream and leading it towards victory. That involves nominating a common candidate and driving him towards the victory carefully and scientifically with the involvement of modern technology.

Are we including the village?

Yes. We require the support of already established groups in that. We will also gain connections with the village level relations through our common platform. Accordingly, developing connections with the village is a two fold process for us.

How many people do we need for this effort?

Even if we do the organizing part at the village level separately, we will need at least 5000 individuals for this. We have to bring as many as progressive individuals who would like to work together.

Do they all have to gather together?

No. They can work from home or office according to the plan made by the core leadership team in their gatherings.

Does everybody have a role to play?

Yes. Everybody can contribute when their contribution is required. If you are self driven there are things you can do even at this point.

What are we supposed to do basically?

First of all, we need to have a planning workshop to list out what we need to do. These initial workshops will produce 300 national level managers/coordinators. However, one person can take charge of a few plans simultaneously, if they like.

What do we require basically?

Most importantly, we need to develop a proper network of connections. Each and everyone of you can start to prepare a list of people that you know who would be interested in joining this process. You can include the names of those who you don’t personally but believe to be resourceful.

How to manage the resources?

It is important to manage the money with a weekly audit. How the funds that are being donated to the platform were spent should be transparent. At least every transaction should be monitored by a voluntary chartered accountant. In order to preserve the dignity of those who are volunteering in the platform even after the election, it is important to maintain 100% transparency of all the financial decisions.

Who are behind this initiative?

Most of us who initiated this platform do not represent any political organization but we are actively engaged in bringing a better change for the country. Also, this platform consists of young representatives of different political groups and candidates in the alternative stream. Nevertheless, these representatives are not here to highlight their political agendas or personal beliefs. Both these groups are here together to represent the public will of changing Sri Lanka for a better future and develop that public will.

How the management of this platform is done?

This is managed by a thoughtfully developed plan. Representatives from alternative groups and political parties will take charge of different stages and aspects of different plans and gather a team to work to materialize the plan. Leadership is situational and change according to the task. Every aspect of the plan will be managed and delivered by those who take responsibility for that. It is important to have a manager to implement the entire plan for the election. Coordination between different committees will be done by the main team responsible for the particular subject in the discussion at the time. If necessary, a coordinator can be appointed.

How can you contribute as a responsible citizen?

The platform functions across a wide range of disciplines, regions, media and social media. You can do whatever small contribution by sharing your knowledge or informing your relatives, friends and neighbors.

Can you contribute as an intellectual and educated person?

Yes. You can contribute within your expertise and discipline. Any of the field that you’ve specificalised have some importance in governance, community development as well as life in general. You can contribute through your knowledge, popularity, power or through any other means.

Can you contribute as a government servant?

Yes. You can do this among those who work with you and those who receive a particular service from you. It is not by representing any political party propaganda but by being an efficient government servant who is fulfilling his or her duties and responsibilities to the country. In a country like Sri Lanka, the development of the country largely depends on how efficient and productive the government services. Therefore, your contribution is highly valuable.

How can you contribute as a Sri Lankan living abroad?

Sri Lankan who are living abroad contribute to develop the political ideologies in Sri Lanka massively. It is important to gather Sri Lankans live abroad to get their support in realizing the change that we dream to achieve in Sri Lanka. Therefore, your contribution is decisive.

Can you contribute as a part of the mainstream political parties

No. A member of a mainstream political party cannot be a part of this platform while representing the ideology of that party. We represent the ideology that we need to save the country from the crisis that those mainstream parties keep leading Sri Lanka towards. Therefore, neither you or your party does not have a space in this platform.

What can you do as a member of an alternative political group?

If your organization is not a part of the platform, you have a national responsibility in linking your party with the platform. Also, it is important to inform other members of your party/ organization. This platform is not a challenge to any political party because this itself is not a political party.

Can you contribute as a community organization or a Non Governmental Organization?

Yes, but you have to prove that you do not have direct links to any of the mainstream political parties. We will invite all the community organizations and non governmental organizations to join the platform. One of the targets of the platform is to link all the grass root organization to a network.

What can you do as a social activist?

As a social activist, you will definitely join us. Whatever your activism is you can join the social activism for the country.
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