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We are a new organization with the goal of supporting and sharing short stories. 
The Resolute Gentleman is trying to do just a few things:

1. Support and share short stories from new and established writers. 

2. Provide an outlet for writers regardless of history or pedigree to try their hands at writing and publishing short stories and essays. 

3. Respond to the submissions of those writers in a timely and courteous manner.

One of the ways we are author-centered is by having limited staffing. This allows us to focus our limited resources to authors. Right now, this organization has one employee, who works from anywhere and everywhere but mostly in Virginia.

Why Are We On Patreon?

Money is not our most important concern but it is a limiting concern when we get great stories but don’t have the resources to support new authors. So here we are, looking to the future. 

So we tried using ad content on the site and we received valuable feedback regarding the user experience. We thought of using a paywall but this could also decrease the user experience. 

So here we are at Patreon, a way to connect to the readers and authors we hope to serve. This service along with the kindness of strangers can allow us to provide quality content, support new authors, while maintaining the user experience. 

We thought of this platform is helpful for short-term goals, what about our long-term goals. 

Our long-term goals are:

• Paying contributors competitive rates for their time and work. 

• Hiring additional part-time staffers in editorial and web development.

• Returning some of the money to local and national organizations supporting the arts. 

Our Goals

$250/month – Stability. This can help is maintain the site and support author publishing. 

$500/month – We can increase the number of authors we publish. 

$1000/month – We can not only increase the number of authors we publish but offer competitive rates. 

$2000/month – We add in a “staff writer” program, including monthly stipends.

We hope you’ll consider becoming a Resolute Gentleman patron. We plan on having fun with our Patreon page, where you’ll have exclusive access to special content. Your support means a lot. We’d really like to grow this thing and help our writers launch and sustain their careers. Who knows, maybe we'll discover the next big author. 

$4 of $250 per month
$250/month – Stability. This can help is maintain the site and support author publishing.
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