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  • A personalised thank you video from our band leader, Tom O'Grady, filmed from Resolution 88 HQ.
  • A warm, fuzzy feeling inside.*
    (*NB Resolution 88 cannot guarantee the warm, fuzzy feeling but if it doesn't occur spontaneously you can initiate the feeling by sitting close to your speakers whilst playing our music at full volume.)
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  • A signed, electronic copy of a lead-sheet of *your choice* of any of our songs.
  • A personalised thank you video from our band leader, Tom O'Grady, filmed from Resolution 88 HQ.
  • The warm fuzzy feeling* is still available at this level under the same conditions as above.
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  • Exclusive access to a piano-only recording of a Resolution 88 song; the song choice will be voted for by you (a maximum of 20 people in the world)! The finished recording will only be available to you; nobody else.
  • A skype session / piano lesson with our band leader Tom O'Grady - you can choose any subject you want to talk about; here are some suggestions - it could be a lesson on the Fender Rhodes (or Rhodes maintenance / voicing / tuning), it could be a conversation about production values for Resolution 88, record collecting, music transcription, left band Bordeaux, or Irish Rugby, or even your favourite TV comedies.
  • A signed, electronic copy of a lead-sheet of *your choice* of any of our songs.
  • Your warm, fuzzy feeling* (see conditions above) will most likely be replaced by a euphoric sense of accomplishment and goodwill, given how significantly you will be helping our band at the same time as receiving some unique rewards.




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Welcome to our Patreon page! We are Resolution 88 - an uncompromising jazz funk band inspired by the likes of Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters and Kaidi Tatham.
The band was set up by Tom O'Grady (keys / MD), who was inspired by his friend and mentor Don Blackman to quit his day job as a Mathematics teacher and follow his dream to create music that he would be proud of and that represented his sound as a musician.

How is the band uncompromising?
1) Tom writes whenever inspiration strikes and the individual members of the band put their musical stamp on the songs; we concentrate on doing exactly what we want to do and that sincerity has helped us gain some fiercely loyal fans.
2) We chose the right person for the job at every stage of the process in order to do the music justice - Dan 'JD73' Goldman mixing, Bob Power (Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, The Roots etc) mastering.
3) In this day and age of keyboard emulations, Tom stubbornly lugs a suitcase Rhodes to every gig (he is very unpopular with the band at upstairs / cellar bar gigs!) - we are paying our dues and we take every care to make sure our music sounds authentic.

The band was initially funded by Tom's savings but we spend a lot of money doing things the right way and paying the right people to do the right job. We don't go in for gimmicks but we would hugely appreciate regular support from patrons if you love our music and want to enable us to produce more! Any income raised from 'Patreon' would go towards:
1) Studio time, mixing and mastering fees (to maintain our working relationship with Dan Goldman and Bob Power).
2) Vinyl pressing.
3) Booking fees for putting on more ambitious, headlining gigs.

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