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About Natalie Juhasz

Hello there! You seem to have stumbled along here to my page.

Over the past 10 years online, I have been known for two things -
1: Silly Let's plays of Adventure games, Edutainment and *wink wink* adult games of the DOS era 
and 2: Even sillier short adventure games I've designed and created for ReVenture Games. (Lorna Bains, Able Mabel Gets a Job and Glass Splinters.)

This Patreon helps me with my monthly subscriptions to such tools as MODO, Substance Designer+Painter, Marvelous Designer, The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. All tools I use for making the games I work on.

And what will you get in return for pledging? First off, Information on my game desk and being in the Testing group for any games I'm working on. Also you'll get videos when they're ready to be seen rather then when I've scheduled them for public viewing.

I also work with the Youtube Adventure Roundtable, any video that I'm in will generally also be added to the early viewers group!

I stream most Sundays Mornings Australian time (Saturday Night for Europe and the Americas) and will be adding an evening stream too once I have moved and settled into a new house.

And that's about it - I thank you for your time and I really appreciate any help you can give. <3
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