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You are good person. I send you virtual hug from mother Russia.

I will also write your name out in the credits of the video.

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You are hugely appreciated, and get to make a request for whatever game you want to see reviewed. Though it must be something on a system I already have. (Which you can see in the spreadsheet link in the description)

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I don't really know what to say other than giving my utmost gratitude! By doing this you are helping me as much as you can getting closer to one of my many goals in life coming true. :) You'll get an exclusive shout out from me at the end of each video onward, as well as the ability to view videos before I put them on YouTube, AND you can request me any game (that I have) to review while being top priority. 




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About RetroDeath Reviews


My name is Drew, and I am a brown metalhead that plays guitar/retro games 90% of my time!
I review mainly 90s DOS based PC games, but am not limited to them or PC as a whole in general, and have recently started collecting other retro hardware, like N64 and Commodore Amiga Games.
With my channel, I plan to make reviews on games, reviews on extreme metal albums, possibly some rants, and some urban exploration videos. I also am in a duo for an aggrotech/Industrial Project called "Cybernet1k P0ssession".

Here's a list of games I plan to review, as well as ones I've completed and shelved, and systems I have:

I made this Patreon without a solid goal in mind, just something to help me out if you feel like a good noodle. My Youtube channel is done without a set profit in mind, and I do it purely out of passion and because it's something I enjoy doing. Though it's something I would love to do as a future full-time job. But as I'm a college student right now, I don't have much time on me. So upon graduating, if I am able to do this as a full-time job, then I will be making these videos FAR more often. supporting me on here will not only support me with my videos, but it will help me in funding the games for a little museum I made in hopes to preserve some important history regarding DOS games. Specifically Apogee Software and ID Software.


I made my name for various reasons. Retro games were starting to die out around the time I made the name, and I wanted to do whatever I could in my power to help revive them. As of 2016ish onwards, it seems like retro games are in fact being revived which makes my heart happy! But where my heart really lies above all, are MS-DOS games from the 1990s and I could speak HOURS upon hours about them and just barely scratch the surface. That, plus these games are pretty darn difficult and you die ALOT. Also I'm obsessed with anything dark and horror related. Big e d g e


If you actually made it all the way down here, gotta give you my huge thanks for taking the time to read through this book of a description! Thank you!
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