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About David Feiteira

So let’s see where this goes 

My Name is David &
I have had a Passion for the world of Video Games since I was 4 years old. The NES in 1990 blew me away from then I was hooked - With Each generation 8bit - 16bit and the era of 3D it brought new life into the space and I couldn't wait to see whats next.

Now in my adulthood I partnered up with a friend and together we've opened up a Local Shop in the eastern Toronto (GTA Area Region ) With the help of our friends , long time acquaintances , and Family we're now a very central part of the community.

This "cast"  was designed to educate, incorporate, and give people an outlet to ask questions about the industry . I'm joined by fellow employee and hope that our personality shakes up the internet with critical thinking , predictions , and current headlines surrounding the industry. We hope you listen in and join the conversation . * Video Coming later *
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