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     "This page is where everything I do comes to you."

Receive 3 to 7 new courses every month for pledging $22 a month.  

Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne here and welcome to my Patreon page. You might enjoy my work already or not, yet I would like to share a few secrets with you here. Me, as Devan, is so far the only body working here at Open and Clear Reality, doing all the graphics, videos, website, artwork, podcasts and delivering all the concepts and teachings all coming through this body alone. However, Everything I do is entirely unscripted for I am never alone and completely guided step by step. Yet it has been a lot of work, and I plan on it to be even more work, as this year is full of developing over 50 courses on "my own". Not including several community-courses in development with other great teachers and students who feel called to participate. 

As you may know, I am attempting strictly to live in divine-purpose, which involves sharing and teaching from my experiences beyond the veil. Supporting my family is not off of this purpose, teaching them to reach this information is as important to me as feeding them is. So take a look at our Tier options, there are quite a few, each offering a wonderful rate for what they offer in return.  

Gain lifetime access to all new courses developed while you are subscribed, for as low as $22 a month. Each of the seven courses within a series will never be sold lower than $9.99 each on Udemy, nearly $70 on sale for the whole package. Receive 3 to 7 new courses every month, I hope you recognize an excellent deal, including all the lower tier’s benefits and courses. My gift back for your pledge of support!

The Courses in development are:

(For the Year 2020 alone)

Evoking Spirit - A7

  • Communing with Spirit - A7.7
  • Thinking with Spirit - A7.6
  • Hearing the Spiritual Universe - A7.5
  • Feeling the Spiritual Universe - A7.4
  • Seeing the Spiritual Universe - A7.3
  • Tasting the Spiritual Universe - A7.2
  • Smelling the Spiritual Universe - A7.1
  • and the Abridged Version - A7.A

Community-Course Set with OneFeather
A Course in Miracles, Fireside - C-A7

  • True Forgiveness - C-A7.C
  • Receptive Willingness - C-A7.B
  • Power of Silence - C-A7.A

Transcending Perceptions - A6

  • Living Beyond Attachments - A6.7
  • Living Beyond Paranoia - A6.6
  • Living Beyond Denial - A6.5
  • Living Beyond Anger - A6.4
  • Living Beyond Anxiety - A6.3
  • Living Beyond Guilt - A6.2
  • and the Abridged Version - A6.A

Community-Course Set with Chandra Sangat
DreamWalkers, Gathering Beyond Time - C-A6

  • Out-of-Body Experience - C-A7.C
  • Astral Perception (Remote Viewing) - C-A7.B
  • Lucid Dreaming - C-A7.A

Embodied Forgiveness - A5

  • Freedom from Sepporation - A5.7
  • Freedom from Misunderstanding - A5.6
  • Freedom from Suppression - A5.5
  • Freedom from Betrayal - A5.4
  • Freedom from Forsaken - A5.3
  • Freedom from Persecution - A5.2
  • Freedom from Victimization - A5.1
  • and the Abridged Version - A5.A

(Names may very if incomplete)

Energy Immersion - A4

  • Spiritual-Energy World Perceiving - A4.7
  • Spiritual-Energy Channeling - A4.6
  • Spiritual-Energy Exchanging - A4.5
  • Spiritual-Energy Enhancing - A4.4
  • Spiritual-Energy Manipulation - A4.3
  • Spiritual-Energy Movements - A4.2
  • Spiritual-Energy Awareness - A4.1
  • and the Abridged Version - A4.A

Community-Course Set 
Spiritual Cultivation - C-A4

  • Raising Energetic Awareness - C-A4.C
  • Raising Energetic Vibration - C-A4.B
  • Energetic Ascension - C-A4.A

(Names may very if incomplete)

Periodical of Allies - A3

  • Healthy Spiritual Relationships - A3.7
  • Healthy Growing Relationships - A3.6
  • Healthy Communicating Relationships - A3.5
  • Healthy Loving Relationships - A3.4
  • Healthy Committed Relationships - A3.3
  • Healthy Intimate Relationships - A3.2
  • Healthy Family Relationships - A3.1
  • and the Abridged Version - A3.A

Community-Course Set with Chris Hall
The Interpreters Handbook - C-A3

  • Numerology Guidance - C-A7.C
  • Guides of Symbols - C-A7.B
  • Synchronicities - C-A7.A

(Names may very if incomplete)

Emotional Mastery - A2

  • Becoming Free - A2.7
  • Becoming Insightful - A2.6
  • Becoming Honest - A2.5
  • Becoming Compassionate - A2.4
  • Becoming Confident - A2.3
  • Becoming Pleased - A2.2
  • Becoming Brave - A2.1
  • and the Abridged Version - A2.A

(Names may very if incomplete)

The Full-Spectrum Diet - A1

  • Embracing Cosmos Elements - A1.7
  • Embracing Light Elements - A5.6
  • Embracing Sound Elements - A5.5
  • Embracing Air Elements - A5.4
  • Embracing Fire Elements - A5.3
  • Embracing Water Elements - A5.2
  • Embracing Earth Elements - A5.1
  • and the Abridged Version - A5.A

Be sure to recognize each membership package includes all the lower package's benefits as well. There are eight level tiers if you only see three click the "Show more levels" button. You give more, you receive more. We will work great together!

Your support is not lost, it is relied on for our living. Thank You! (...but no pressure)

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At $1,111.11 a month: I will hire assistance to edit all 1825 videos of the lessons of "A Course in Miracles, Intensive". While all the audios for all 365 lessons are available. It is the plan to get them all up on Udemy and a DVD box set available for purchase. All supporters will get an exclusive early access discount.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
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