Leonina Arismendi žarković

is creating Writing. Art. Change.

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Leonina Arismendi Zarkovic (them/they) is a Queer writer, artist and activist living in the United States originally from Montevideo, Uruguay.
Leonina's work around social justice issues via art, protesting, writing and community building expands over eight years. They is a top Medium writer on Intersectional Feminism and Race. 

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Hello, I am Leonina Arismendi,
I am an artist, writer and organizer.
Being a chronically ill, trans parent has its challenges as much as joys.
Due to COVID19 I have been unable to work for the schools and hospitals I interpret for to provide for my growing family. Like many other immigrants, my status does not afford me unemployment nor assistance of any kind. My work with the PPC as well as SANTOS en Virginia is done in the name of love and liberation, so are my writings on Medium! I do not receive compensation for this labor (nor would I want to!)
I love to be in service to my community, I also recognize that I am in need of mutual aid from You and that the fear I feel of asking for help is rooted in colonization and capitalism. SO Today on my birthday I have a little big ask from you! Would you become my monthly patreon? For as little as $1 a month, you’d be supporting me in taking care of my family and myself and enable me to continue fighting. I want to thank you for supporting this work to uplift my undocumented community and speak truth unto power on these Stolen Lands we call Virginia. Follow the link below to donate, and if you cannot support me financially, I invite you to follow, like, subscribe and share my content across the social media platforms (link below!) and don’t forget to take my revolution!

Medium- https://medium.com/@SJ.Senshi
Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/RevolutionaryGirlYanina
Tweet- @SJ_Senshi
FB- https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionaryGirlYanina
Insta- @revolutionarygirlyanina

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