Robert Turner is creating Reynard City (Comic, cartoon, video game graphic novel)

Exclusive online goodies

$1 /mo
*Exclusive short stories, artwork and more!
*Get the latest info on Reynard City Chronicles- news on the relaunch, sneak peeks and more.

Bonus artwork

$5 /mo
All of the $1 rewards plus

* Exclusive custom icon by Piyper

* Artwork request priority- What commissions would you like to see?

The Fox Box

$10 /mo
The Fox Box- A regular gift every month in the post. This can vary but will include-
* Signed artwork
*  Comics 
*  Exclusive doodles by creator Rob Turner

* Coffee by Green Farm Cof...


Fox Box Deluxe Addition

$20 /mo
*All rewards mentioned above  *Special edition Fox Box with some extra exclusive goodies inc. your own custom rewards *Art requests *Custom artwork merch (including mugs and notebooks in addition t...