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About Me

I'm Rory, Rhaeyaki Cosplay. I have been making costumes ever since I was a child, and I started creating online cosplay content in 2015. I am looking to create a community through Patreon, and I can't wait to share the future of my hobby and the growth of my content here!

Outside of cosplay, I am currently an illustration student! I love creating using different mediums, which is why I am working towards a creative degree and use social media to share my cosplay content and my photography. When I am not creating or doing homework, I am probably relaxing with Dali, my kitty (she is my pride and joy).

Why Patreon?

Building a community on Patreon will allow me to continue funding my passion while creating and sharing content! As a college student, my first priority with my income has to be my education and basic needs. Any funding from Patreon will go back into creating content! I am excited to invest more into my craft, as I have not been able to do so since I started pursuing my degree.

Thank you for stopping by!
Header images taken by Crossjessing Cosplay.
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Goal: "Team Level One"
For a first goal, assembling some patrons will help me know there is a want for my content on my new platform. Once I reach my goal of obtaining 10 patrons, I will expand the tier options!
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