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About White Rhino CBO

Our Rhino Project, established in 2008, provides a safe haven for 10% of the world's white rhino population (1735 rhino). Rhino on the property live in their natural habitat on our vast ever expanding estate which is currently 8,469ha in size (20,927 acre). The project is ecologically sustainable and has achieved zero poaching for the past 31 months.

Rhino under our care are at times reintroduced into other relatively safe, protected wild environments, this brings us imminence joy. On 16 July 2019, for example 16 black rhino from our property where translocated to Big Game Parks eSwatini.


To date the $150 million project has been entirely funded by John Hume, a retired property developer who established this project using his life savings for rhino survival.

The North West Province of South Africa is currently experiencing a severe drought and as a direct result we need to provide 20,000kg of supplementary feed every day.

We currently use more than R165000 ($11000) per day to keep the project running. Our urgent application to government for drought aid has for some reason been unsuccessful.

Sadly Mr Hume's life savings are now nearly depleted and he is unable to sustain the project.

In September 2018, our project qualified for CITES CBO registration, which should allow us to start generating a sustainable income. However, the government has not submitted our application to CITES. The biggest current threat to our project is not poaching but financial deprivation, which we hope to overcome within the next 12-18 months.

Our most urgent priority is to keep our rhino well fed during the current drought and to survive financially by keeping up with the monthly operational costs. Sadly, despite our global calls for help, we have receive little assistance from various international conservation agencies or the South African Government.

We are therefore now reaching out to you as private individuals to help these rhinos prosper despite all odds.

PLEASE HELP US insure the survival of this KEY 1 Rhino population. With your patronage we will be able to continue caring for the rhinos of our children's future for many years to come.

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