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is creating Webcomics, Caricatures, Digital Paintings and other art.

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My eternal thanks. You are helping my dreams come true. So thank you sideways 8.
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1. My eternal thanks.
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1. My eternal thanks.
2. Access to my Patreon-only Activity page.
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I am a drawing teacher by day and an artist by night. I am the creator of  Space Pest Removal, a webcomic about two aliens called Strad and Pelet, who deal with space pests with varying degrees of success.  Themes include friendship and laziness. This comic is FREE for all of you...

BUT... if you're feeling generous, there are different pledges down below that would really help me out as I work on this comic. More pledges means more goodies. More frequent updates, chats, doodles, exclusives, streams, and more! A portion of the money raised through Patreon will be used to help buy comic making supplies (pens, pencils, paper), pay website design and fees. 

I also do commissions, caricatures and other crazy artwork. I want to do a whole lot more. 

I also sell prints at a few local comic cons. I have self-published my book, The Art of Richtoon and I simply love to draw and paint. Why do I bring this up? See the different pledges down below. It's all coming together. But wait! There is more. 

I have so many other ideas and projects that I want to share. I want to create videos and speed paint/sketches of my art. I want to create google hang outs, I want to create a podcast, I want to publish more artwork. So many projects. This is where you can help. The remaining funds  raised through Patreon will be used to help buy equipment and supplies (lighting, microphone, art supplies) for these projects. I intend to do this for FREE no matter what. I love to do this stuff. But with your help, I will be able to do more if these projects and have more to show you at a faster rate. Even a small amount like a dollar will make a big difference. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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