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About Rich McCoy

Hi, I’m Rich McCoy. I am a painter, maker, designer and tinkerer.

Why I’m on Patreon...

Last year I was made redundant from my full-time role looking after the user interface facility of a major UK retailer. Since then, I’ve scratched together a living from my office under the stairs doing digital projects, the odd commission, and helping out my partner in her brilliant pottery business. It’s been great in many ways. But… we are expecting twins, so the pottery business has slowed down - I’m astonished that she has been able to produce work as deep into the pregnancy as she has. I’ve been applying for work and contracts for a year now, and keep coming up against the same responses: “You are overqualified for the role”.

So what to do? How to keep the wolf from the door, and continue to do what feeds my soul and sustains me creatively? I decided to give Patreon a go, to create a platform where my offerings are hopefully interesting, engaging and rewarding for both you and me at the same time.

What’s in it for you...

It’s important to me to show my appreciation and thanks to those of you who do decide to sponsor me to keep making and sharing. And it can be less than the price of a cup of coffee once a month...

As you will see from the sponsorship tiers listed below, I plan to:
  • Give away hi-res files of some of the more popular pieces from my archives
  • Produce content that documents my creative process
  • Give voting rights over the direction of larger projects
  • Create exclusive pieces for you to receive in the post
  • Give discounts on original artwork
  • And for the higher sponsorship levels, you will be able to commission a unique piece based on three keywords of your own choosing.

What I am working on...

One of my key projects that I’m loving working on right now is a set of 13 large portrait paintings, entitled the ‘Counsel of Good Men’. I have been seeking written consent from thirteen men in the public eye who are doing good work for people and planet, all casting their gentle gaze back at the viewer. The goal is to exhibit them all in a single space, giving the viewer the opportunity to either sit and contemplate being present with these men, or to simply learn about the positive work these men are doing.

So far I have had consent from George Monbiot and Jamie Catto, but have already started painting the portrait of Benjamin Zephaniah.

A quick background check

I was born in Great Britain but raised in the Kalahari Desert up to the age of 11 by adventurous parents, and the wife of the local Witch Doctor.

I fought hyenas and baboons and won, nearly lost my arm to a black widow spider, and was briefly kidnapped and thankfully rescued. I got lost in the desert for a day, ate at a restaurant that was blown up hours later, and travelling by train was shot at by armed freedom fighters.

This formative experience gave me what others describe as my wild, untamed and barefoot approach to life and creativity. I value candour, integrity, authenticity and the creative process.

Despite being trained as a Fine Art Sculptor, I've spent over 25 years leading creative teams and designing digital products for multinational corporations. My hands missed the creative process, so now I mostly paint, print, make and tinker, from the relative tranquillity of the Somerset countryside.

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