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I'm thrilled to be making progressive worship music for the wider church!

My patrons will receive new original songs-- 99% of them designed for community singing, most of them around themes of the psalms. You pledge to pay whatever you desire per song as they come out (2-3 per month). All songs will eventually be available to the whole world at, but you get them first at a special price and with special perks!

This Patreon platform is the primary way I publish music. If you're looking for a feed of new worship songs in a variety of styles, this is the way to essentially get 2-3 "albums" worth of material trickling out over the next year. 

Plus, becoming a patron means supporting imaginative, adventurous new songs for the ever-evolving church. Welcoming your questions at [email protected] Thanks!
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  • High quality mp3
  • Access to my activity feed, including news about what I'm working on and the chance to chat about whatever.
  • 10% off my performance fee for your live event
  • My gratitude for supporting my new music getting out in the world! [Virtual hug!]
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  • Everything above +
  • Lead sheet (melody, chords, lyrics)
  • Piano score
  • Guitar/bass chord chart
  • JPG congregational line (to drop into bulletin or projection)
  • Songleaders guide
  • That's everything your musicians need to lead your people in song!
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per song
  • Everything above +
  • Powerpoint lyric slides
  • Instrumental track (for those crazy liturgical karaoke nights) for almost all published songs.
$317 of $500 per song
I love being part of the weekly Pulpit Fiction lectionary podcast as the Psalm correspondent. It's inspired me to dream about my own program. Can't wait!
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