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Hello, welcome. My name is Richard, I am 37 years old, my birthday is May 31st 1982. I don’t have a religion. I believe in The Creation, The One Source Universal Consciousness aka G.O.D. and Star Beings (extraterrestrials) and my Guru is Immanuel The Christ also known as Jesus the Christ Master. 

5 years ago I have successfully connected to My Higher-Self. 4 years ago I had my Kundalini Awakening and on that day my physical body was miraculously healed. Soon after I began my Spiritual Awakening and successfully completed it 2 years ago. Since then I have been on my path through Enlightenment (Inner Light Attainment) and “Self”-Mastery. 

My intention for this page is to share everything I’ve learned in as many ways as I can create. Everything I share on this page has come from 1 of 2 places; from within me, more specifically my Higher-Self also known as my Spirit Body and 30 years of research, experience and understanding. 

The Hidden Path

I chose a path I didn't even know existed, a path that was inevitably meet with judgment, ridicule, anger, hate, criticism and an endless field of lies. So many times I wished I could give up and forget the things I learned, but you can't forget the Truth. The Truth makes sense and when you hear it it makes your heart sing and if you try to forget it you can't, it won't allow you to, it will just continue to pop in your life until you have no choice but to listen.

Mine was an easy but lonely path, I say easy because It just happened, I didn’t have to try, I just had to listen to my conscience. My conscience constantly had me question everything, constantly asking me why am i here? What is this crazy place and how do I get home? While My mind fed me great inner doubt and skepticism that was in a constant battle with Conscience’s deep inner knowing which resulted in me never allowing myself to believe anything until I researched and/or tried it myself.

My life goal has always been to understand The Creation and the Omnipotent Conscious Energy that Generates it, Operates it and Destroys it. I came into this world with a very deep "knowing" and gift for asking questions. I knew God was real, I knew Extraterrestrials existed and I knew I could trust my conscience, my instincts and my intuition. Of course I didn't know how I knew all of this.

I spent much of my life searching for the "God" I remembered in my Heart from before I was born and I devoted the rest of my life to figuring out how this planet really works. I constantly asked myself what is the purpose of this life and how do I get back home to Heaven. Some people say the Stars are where they came from but I knew the place called Heaven was where I came from and where I needed to get back to.

Learn the Truth or Stay Asleep?

Once you start to learn the Truth of what's really happening behind the veil of illusions, confusion and lies, it will upset and discourage you, shake you to your core, create mass amounts of fear, it may even cause you to lose hope in humanity and create hate towards people you don't know and will most likely never meet.

Even worst it makes you doubt yourself, who you are and what you've believed your entire life. Real Truth and Spirituality will blow your belief system out of existence (Sri Kaleshwar) so you are forced to start from scratch and leave behind everything you once believed as truth because you discover it's either completely opposite, purposely flawed or a complete lie. Many times I'd wish I took the Red Pill and went back to sleep because being a Truth Seeker can be a lonely, tough and hated path.

The secret is to never lose hope and most importantly trust yourself, because once you get past all the horrible realities of this planet you will see a bright amazingly organized Creation that will explain Itself as long as You Ask + You Listen with an open heart and an open mind.


After a lifetime of searching for answers, syphoning through my discoveries and trying my best to understand everything I learned and how it all fits together (without losing my mind), I can finally say with clarity and confidence I have a firm grasp and understanding of how this creation really works, what the purpose of life is and how to Evolve Your Consciousness to Ascend into the Higher Realms of the Universe known as The Heavens. 

Join me as I share the information I’ve learned and the unique perspective I’ve come to have through vlogs, videos, ebooks, posts, online classes, podcasts and much more. I know most people don’t have time to Search for life’s important answers or even know where to start soo have dedicated my life to it. I also know many people are confused and unable to see a clear picture of what happened on Earth because of our distorted past. I will do my best to share my discoveries in the simplest most comprehensive ways possible. 

My goal is to create as many outlets as possible to disseminate the information and understanding I have acquired over my 30 years of questioning everything. Suggestions and questions are always welcomed. Thank you so much for being present and congratulations on following your heart, instincts and intuition. 

Peace + Love

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