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is creating Artistic and Fantasy Nudes, Landscapes, Other Fantasy Images

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Digital Dabblers

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Expected to be how most people view my work, this allows access to view certain uncensored digital works which I will post on a regular basis.

It provides you with nothing other than the ability to see the uncensored image. Some of the images may have appeared on Instagram in a censored form. But, here, no censorship will apply. (Some images may be implied nudes, but most will be nudes.)
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BTS Lovers

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This tier offers added access beyond what the Digital Dabblers receive.

Specifically, this tier includes Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos. These videos may include content shot during the photo shoots, or during post-processing. They may include videos that show how the model looked on the set, or how the lights were set up, or reviews of images on screen during the pre-editing process, or, finally, may include some short bursts of editing, with explanations for what is being done.
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About Rick Horowitz Photography

About This Place

Who am I?

I am an award-winning photographer with a studio in downtown Fresno, California. I shoot nudes, fantasy works (nude and non-nude), and landscapes. Studio work is by appointment only. 

As you can perhaps tell by the "award-winning" part of this description, some of my work has been entered into competitions, juried exhibitions, or contests. I generally enter these type of exhibitions about 2 to 3 times per year. To date, I've won more than a dozen awards for my work over the last few years since my first juried exhibition (Sorensen Studio's "Nudes in November") in November of 2013.

Some of my prints have sold for as much as $3,800 (framed), and as low as $1,000 (unframed). One thing I will be doing with this website is evaluating price points to allow more people to afford to purchase my work. Most of my pieces tend to be large (approx. 16 by 20 inches), and what I may do here is come up with more different size selections, again, with the aim of affordability in mind.

Why am I building this Patreon site?

I have been trying for several years to figure out how to enhance my ability to turn out work on a more frequent basis. However, my artistic corpus cannot survive if my human corpus does not survive. Thus, much of my time is occupied with work work, instead of artistic works. 

This page is a first-step toward finding out if there is a market for my work. If enough people become Patrons, I will be able to devote significantly more time to putting out quality pieces to share with others. 

What are my plans?

As time goes on, I also plan to learn how to create video tutorials of how I create some of my images, especially relating to the fantasy composites. 

For the moment, I'm using the Patreon plan where you pay only for what you want. That is, you pay a fee for viewing an image, or for having me create an image with you as the subject. As I learn more about this, I anticipate possibly moving to a monthly plan, where I will post new work every month, and Patrons will pay a small monthly fee depending on what type of content they want to view. 

So Click On!

So, if you're interested in seeing more, please sign up as one of my Patrons!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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