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is creating Videos showing how to play classic guitar licks, solos and songs
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About Rick McCargar

I've been working on doing mostly southern rock, and plan to do as many Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd songs as I can.  Right now, I'm mostly working on doing the entire first Allman Brothers studio album, note for note, and have completed the first two songs. But I've got over 250 videos on my channel so far, not all in southern rock. Hotel California solo included lick-by-lick and tab, as do many of them. 

That said, I don't do as many of the videos lick-by-lick, because the Allman Brothers songs are too complicated, so I often play them at full and reduced speed to make it easy for you to learn, and also supply the tab I write for each piece.

When I make tab I write them out by hand, so they won't be pretty, but they'll be as accurate as I can make them!

I started making videos as I was recovering from a couple of strokes, and here we are, over 700,000 views later, it's been fun.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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