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Just want to help a beard out and don't really know how to say thanks? Well this is how. *takes a sip of coffee*

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- Exclusive Monthly Live Stream Hangout

- Access to the Riffs, Beards & Gear Facebook Group

- Audio files from the Demo Song (where I do one)

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Learn A Riff From Fluff Or Josh! Once a month we will go through your requests and pick a riff and make a video lesson just for you! Also all the previous Tier Benefits too.

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New to audio and want to get a second set of ears on your mix? Josh or Fluff will crit your mix (1 per month) and give you actual notes on what you are doing! You also get the stems to the short songs Fluff sometimes has in his videos.

Oh yeah and all the previous tier benefits too.

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You get all of the benefits of the previous tiers, plus Fluff will thank you at the end of an FAQ Monday (once a month, not every episode, geez)!



About Riffs, Beards & Gear

Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce is perhaps best known as the host of the Riffs, Beards & Gear YouTube Channel, guitar player for Rest, Repose and Dragged Under and having a luxurious beard that smells of leather bound books and fresh pine trees.

But there is more to the YouTube channel than just videos. That is where this Patreon page comes in! Here you will find all sorts of perks, bonuses, benefits and dad jokes, all readily available for you to consume and enjoy!
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I give away a guitar to one of you guys! Yes, really. Probably my baritone Schecter SLS Evertune guitar.
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