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Visual Activist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Human, Father, Husband.

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Milestone Goals
Shiny new website!
$50 per month
I am no web monkey. I can make posts, make content, but I can't figure out how to build a web page. The plan is to develop a page where I can not only share my own work, but  also build a collective of artists who will have their own galleries and have an interactive element where people can have real conversations. Plus we have to make sure that this shiny new website is available for mobile phones so it will do better when people search for us on Google.
Studio Space
$500 per month
This is more than just a space for me. Allowing me to afford to rent studio space in the Pioneer Valley where I can have events at almost every Artwalk. We can invite musicians every month, too, and have a party! This would also allow me a place to make art as well as a place for you. 
$2,500 per month
The main goal is to sustain myself as an artist. This includes things like food, clothes and other expenses of life, as well as money to build a webpage, buy art supplies and have the space to create new and exciting merchandise.


J. Andrew World is the writer and illustrator of the progressive political webcomics Right About Now and Word Salad. He also designs eye-catching graphics highlighting inspirational, thought provoking, and sometimes controversial quotes. He is committed to using his talents for raising awareness of community challenges and for encouraging open and respectful debate. Although he has lived everywhere from Texas to Turkey in his lifetime, he has long been drawn to and loved the Pioneer Valley and is very glad that he is able to call it home once again. When not creating art or writing, J. Andrew does his best to remember to spend time with his wife, their very silly daughters, and their cats.


Easthampton, MA, USA
Hello, I'm J. Andrew World. I make pictures. I make lots of pictures and post them online. Not only do I make lots of pictures and post them online, but I do it for free.

I do it for you.

I try to write and post memes that you would actually want. I have lots of ideas of where to go with it, but it's hard making free images and freelancing at the same time. Some months are easier than others. This is where you come in.

With your support, I can continue to share my art, my ideas, and my comics with the world. I can't do it alone. If everyone who shares these graphics just donates $1 a month, I'd be happy. Obviously, that's not going to happen. As we figure out and develop this, we will add more rewards and I hope to have some big announcements later this year. (Around Christmas my art will appear in two books. Quite exciting!) Also, I hope to have some events and meet some of you in person.

So even if you can just support at the basic level and share my work on your social media, that can help tremendously.

My memes can be seen on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Daily Kos and Google Plus to make it easier for you to share. Please follow me and help change the world for the better by sharing one picture at a time.

Thank you.

Want to support us by donating your Facebook and/or your Twitter? You can do that, too! This allows me once a day to share my graphics through your account and you get to do nothing! Just click this link.
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