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It's not like you're phone banking for Momentum, but you'll definitely sign a petition or share a well-edited, inaccurate video on Facebook.

You're (supposedly) the backbone of any political organisation, and will get to choose the future leader! That is assuming you're given any choice.

This tier will give you access to:
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You squeaked into your marginal seat on a couple-hundred votes. You'll happily support the government, but secretly love kicking the PM when they're down. (In this metaphor, Jazza and Jimmy are the PM, in case that wasn't clear).

This tier give you you:
  • Same as previous tier.
  • A Right Dishonourable badge (only available in the UK, sorry).

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You've paid your dues, served for several decades, but your time is nigh. The Department for Education seemed an honour at first, but you deserve more.

You're waiting for the PM to slip up on communicating the new A-Levels legislation in order to appear on Sunday morning television to mount a coup. 

This tier gives you access to:
  • All previous tiers.
  • A Right Dishonourable mug (only available in the UK, sorry).




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About The Right Dishonourable Podcast

We know that Brexit means Brexit; Jimmy voted to leave, and Jazza still has PTSD from early morning on 24 June 2016, but there is so much more to UK and global politics than whether or not leaving the EU is going to be over-easy or scrambled. 

The Right Dishonourable isn't like other British current events podcasts. We aren't funded by a traditional media organisation and we refuse to become an echo-chamber of ideas. We aren't industry insiders and are ‘only as truthful as resources permit’, but if we can try and understand what's happening in the world, anyone can. Just see us as that slightly annoying guy down the pub that read the whole article rather than the headline. Also there is banter. An insufferable amount of banter.

At the time of writing we've been cultivating this community for over 90 episodes (plus an earlier video series) and endured four years, two general elections, two referendums and a shit ton of leadership changes. And we need your help.

We're not backed by advertising or a larger media company, and have sunk nearly £1,000 into this podcast over the last few years. Not to mention the time it takes to record, book guests, buy and replace equipment and edit, all on a weekly basis. In order for us to be able to keep this going, we need your help. By help we mean money. Give us money.

Whatever you can afford or think is worth it, please pledge what you can. Check out the rewards available, from merchandise (MUGS!!!) to shoutouts to exclusive content, hopefully there's something that will tickle your pickle. We'll love you forever, be it $1 or $100. ($100/ episode is not currently an option, but marriage will probably be on the cards).

Thank you for all the support over the past few years. We appreciate you no end and love making this podcast. 

All the best.

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