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As (a) simple pimple(s), you not only show your support but also show that you care! (even if its only a little bit! Which is great to me!)
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Ah, my young student(s) ha(s/ve) proven to be more invested than I'd initially hoped.....THEN LET THE TRAINI- I mean, "Entertainment" begin!

-You're so close to getting rewards!-

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You show great prowess and strength with your support for me. I appreciate this, but there is always more time for practice

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About Riku-Kun

Hey, Hi, and Hell-yo!

My name's Riku and welcome to the Patreon! I'm a voice actor, cosplayer, and (co-)creator of abridged series like Fairy Tail Abridged, Gurren Lagann Abridged, Yu-Gi-Oh! G-Shot Abridged, and a spattering of other parody series. (IGNORE THAT ONLY TWO OF THE EXAMPLES ARE ACTUALLY OUT!) It's always fun making content for peeps, and I hope to continue to do so (always thankful for the support and viewership I get from you Kohai), but where does that bring you?

Well......I wanna live,....and eat,....and stuff! (There's only so much I can do in my room before I start remembering I need to pay bills.) SO! To kinda remedy this, I'm lookin' to get some of that sick nasty help through donations from all you lovely peoples! The majority of the Patreon proceeds would be going to.....well supporting me and my livelihood! By reaching Patreon goals, I'll be able to.....I dunno, be happy and be able to live while doing what I love for an audience that I love as well?

Your awesome support will help me continue doing what I love, and probably help me expand my horizons for what I can do, like getting new equipment or improving....some aspect of my household. I dunno. My dream is to not only continue to work on what everyone's come to love, but to also be able to live while doing it!

From every voice inside my head and my own heart, I wanna say thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to serve you as a slave, or a butler, or whatever you ask me to do per goal. Remember to smile Kohai! I love all of you, and hope you have an amazing day/night/afternoon/morning/WHATEVERTIMEITISFORYOU!
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I really don't have too many ambitions when it comes to the donation front. Any support is greatly appreciated.
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