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Hey there! Thank to you, I can now afford an extra cup of hot chocolate and muffin once a month.
Early previews of Models I'm working on, and have access to my games at alpha release.
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Woohoo! With this pledge, you get get Beta release access, and access to a patreon only stream ever two weeks, where I will do things from modeling, to programming, to test playing games.  




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About Rinima

Hi! I'm Charlie, a peep from the island of the UK.
By day I'm a nurse and by night, I'm a game dev.
I like making RPG's and visual novels. But I don't have much time to make these things.
Basically I need a hand to cut down on the number of hours I work, so I can, well, work more on RPG's and VN's!

Anyway don't mind me, I'm just a bean.
$0 of $100 per month
Once I reach this goal I could get a new tablet, my current one is a tad old ;_;
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