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About Rinzy

Hey, everyone! I’m Rinzy! I’m a furry artist and have been a member of the fandom for longer than anyone should care to admit. I like to do a mix of SFW and NSFW illustrations and comics!

Why use Patreon?

I am hoping that through Patreon support, I’ll be able to make more time to focus on comics, as well as branching out into other media, such as animation.

What do patrons get for our support?

Outside of my undying love and admiration, all patrons will get the following:
  • Early access to comic pages
  • Exclusive production materials for upcoming comics, including scripts and character concepts
  • Early access to weekly sketches and monthly illustrations
  • Exclusive high res versions of all comic pages, sketches, and illustrations
As more goals are met, I’ll start providing physical goodies, such as stickers for Patrons as well! For more detailed information about what you can get at each tier, check out the tier list on the right!

What is your upload schedule?

Currently, the plan is to upload a weekly Patreon sketch every Monday, new comic pages posted every other Friday, and a monthly voted illustration on the second Monday of the following month.

Due to unexpected support, I will be posting a sketch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

I’m a non-patron and concerned about paywalls.

Don’t worry about it! With the exceptions of extraneous comic materials, all art will be posted publicly at a lower resolution at the end of the month it makes its Patreon debut.

Can I commission you directly?

Of course! You can view prices and examples at https://commiss.io/Rinzy if you’re interested in getting a commission. Do keep in mind that monthly slots may be limited.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
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