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About Rio Linda Messenger

The Rio Linda Messenger is the online information source for the people who live, work and play in Rio Linda, Elverta, and rural Northern Sacramento County. Our mission is to provide news and information to the community of Rio Linda and Elverta, which typically gets lost in the larger regional print and broadcast media, and to provide a positive, community-building forum to promote the economic growth of the area.

The Rio Linda Messenger relies on the generous support of our local community to provide news and information on the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that might otherwise go unseen or unreported by regional mass media news providers. Our contributors help enrich our lives, inspire our minds, and celebrate our community's rich history and a vibrant, growing future.

It used to be that covering life in a community was an activity only for those with the means required to publish, which included a printing press and complicated distribution system. Today, citizen journalists like The Rio Linda Messenger regularly break news and blaze trails, writing about local issues, their various units of government, community events, and their lives. Technology has allowed regular folks armed with laptops and cell phones to reach out across the community to educate, inform, entertain and pull the heart strings of their friends and neighbors. 

...but this comes at a cost, both chronologically and financially, time and money. My dream is to grow The Rio Linda Messenger as Rio Linda grows, giving our community a center for information and a voice where so often this community has been ignored or marginalized by the local news stations or print media.

We're currently working on a podcast, where community figures can give their point of view in their own words, and round-table discussions of issues facing the community can take place presenting all points of view. Ultimately, this would evolve into a community supported radio station for Rio Linda.

However, we cannot move forward without financial support. I'm not great salesman, and I'm not a person that hounds local businesses endlessly to sponsor the web site. I graciously accept sponsorship money when business owners recognize the unique opportunity to advertise directly to people who live, work and shop in the same community, instead of funding expensive direct-mail pieces or radio ads that may or may not reach their customers.

Financing the maintenance of the web site and the time-suck that is Facebook and Twitter has become a concern of paramount importance. I need the help of the readers... The people who have been helped finding their lost dog, or horse, or the people who have needed help with a law enforcement issue, or the people who come to The Rio Linda Messenger to find out why the Sheriff helicopter is hovering above.

The future of instant access, locally sourced, locally focused news and information depends on your support.

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