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At this tier you have access to exclusive content such as our behind the scenes videos for the past month, accessible only to our Patrons! This is to help cover our basic cost of operating so that Riot FM can remain in business as Australia's only metal and punk radio station.

If you care about supporting local artists, good music and the dream of having something like this succeed for a change, we here at Riot FM need your support.

Thank you. Truly.

Riot FM Shout Out (Tier 2)
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One small step at best, this tier gets you the very same bonuses as our 'Behind The Scenes' tier. Which is to say; monthly exclusive behind the scenes videos. Additionally, we will give you a shout out or read (almost) anything you want us to say on the Richard Bachman Show once per month!

This tier is for the uber-fans with too much money to burn. If you love what we do in a serious, romantic way, then please help us to expand and grow!

Nobody will judge you for supporting local music and Australia's only metal and punk radio station, so why not take the plunge?

Achieving your dreams is only $10 away!

P.S. We're totally not a cult, you guys...

Riot FM Song Suggestion (Tier 3)
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At this tier we at Riot FM cut out the middle-man and get out songs for review directly from you! Submit any song of your choosing once a month for review on air, as well as the benefits of the previous two tiers. You simply can't afford to miss out!


"Riot FM... Music that doesn't suck!"

Riot FM is narrowcast radio station providing programs of limited general appeal. Our programs are specifically for punk and heavy metal music enthusiasts. We warn that music of this genre may contain songs with explicit lyrics.

We play a mix of Death, Doom, Progressive and Thrash Metal along with some Punk.
We also highlight some Classic Hard Rock.
All in all, just great music from the Legends to the Latest in a mix of genres that work together.
It's music that doesn't suck, and it's the stuff that other FM stations are too afraid to play!

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