is creating Rise of the Fall: Bloodlust/Radiant Series , A Novel Series
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Follow along as I create chapter by chapter on both sides of the story. All supporters will be thanked within the published release and obtain digital copies with a personalized message inside. 

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Follows along as I update, access to the latest chapters, character bios along with other little fun things I decide to upload~! Also receives a digital copy of the novels once done!




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About Kaga

What is justice? How does one know they make the right decision? In the end, the choices made in life all come down to the perception of the individual. Good and evil aren't always black and white as they may seem, so follow the journey of Emilia Brothwell and Adrien Straford, both fighting a war on opposite sides in what they view as "justice." 

Although... one singular event changes each of their lives forever. Both want the war to end, yet one strives for revenge while the other aspires for peace. So I ask, which side will you choose; Bloodlust or Radiant?

Note: Each story is it's own and will share certain events as these two characters clash. Choose a side or read both, I will upload one chapter for each side as they're completed. Each story will have their own special summaries/scenes as well and should be treated as their own tales within the same world; for the main in one side is the enemy in the other
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I'll write a whole mini story of a side of popular choice (either Bloodlust or Radiant)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
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