River Valley Metalcrafts is creating Knives, hammers, tools, and more...

My thanks!

$1 /mo
For a dollar you've earned my thanks. You are the stone at the base of the mountain, no less important than those few who stand high above at the very peak!

You are the haft of my hammer!

$5 /mo
 The strength to keep that hammer head attached is the support of your donations. It's thanks to you I stay in operation when times get rough and sales get low. 

A knife from my early forgings!

$5 /mo
 A great way for me to get rid of garbage no one bought! All joking aside for $5 you can get the exclusive privilege of owning one of my original knives. It is limited because only so many survived...


$15 /mo
Fifteen a month! Wow! You've earned yourself a hand forged pendant a one time forever thank you for helping me keep this dream and this business alive!

You just earned yourself a blade!

$50 /mo
You've just earned yourself a serious thank you, a thank you so sharp you'll be afraid to touch the edge! I'll engrave your name in runes on the side of the blade and mail it to you tout suite! (On...

O_O Seriously! Wow!

$100 /mo
Unbelievable! Your donation has blown me away, you get your very own custom order made to specifications! (Restrictions apply: 12" max blade length, Simple wood or other basic handle material, Engr...